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At Merrimack Valley Apiaries we are beekeepers! We raise both the queens and the bees, which in turn produce the honeys that we sell. Being among the nation’s largest beekeepers enables us to transport our bees to crops and honey producing regions nationwide. Merrimack Valley Apiaries is a family farm operating for over 50 years, with experience covering three generations. Each year our farm produces over one million pounds of raw honey. We are able to provide our customers with raw varietal honeys that are local to the region in which they are produced.

In addition to raw honey production, we sell replacement and starter nucleus hives in the spring. We are also major crop pollination contractors for California almonds, blueberries in New Jersey and Maine, cranberries in Massachusetts, and apples in New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

No matter what product or service we provide, our goal remains the same, to provide our customers with only the very best available.

Spring 2019 NUCS coming soon!
Need Beeswax?

We sell beeswax raw as well as filtered.

Available for pick up at our Billerica Location. ORDER ONLINE

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Raw Light Wildflower Honey is now available in a 2-gallon pail (20 lbs.). This pail is available for shipping. This makes stocking up on this honey much easier! Available online and for pick up at our Billerica Location.

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